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Extra MEG Added

Makes your engine runs cooler
Suitable for all types of cars and trucks Anti-rust and Anti-corrosion
Raises the boiling point of the engine coolant. Reduces over-heating
Increases cooling efficiency Prevents leaking

MAXZ Power-Max Coolant is formulated with EXTRA POWER to protect your car radiator and cooling system all year round. Contains metal and copper inhibitors, which protect your cooling system by preventing corrosion, lubricating and increasing cooling efficiency, helps extending the life span of the automobile radiator and engine parts. Add with MEG, helps raising the boiling point of the engine coolant, cools better as your engine gets hotter.

Direction to use:

Shake well before use.

Open radiator cap and drain water from radiator.
Flush with clean water.
Add the fresh coolant to the system and top up with water.
If radiator indicates presence of rust, drain water from radiator completely and flush with clean water.
DO NOT remove a radiator cap when the engine is hot or warm
For all kinds of automotive cooling systems.
MAXZ POWER-MAX COOLANT will NOT affect water pump seals, radiator hoses, aluminum or cast iron, brass, copper or other metals commonly found in cars and trucks cooling system.


Keep out of reach of children.
DO NOT removes a radiator cap when the engine is hot or warm. Injury and possible damage to vehicle paint may result.
Where to use:
Car Radiator
Product position: 
Keep Clean/Maintenance
Bottle size/ Barcode:
500ml - 955-542990-310-0



Repels rain, bugs, mud and grime

See clearly, drive safer

MAXZ RainaX foams an instant coating on windshields to repel rain, dramatically improves wet weather visibility, giving a clearer vision on your windscreen during rainy days. This transparent polymer formulation provided a slippery coat on glass which creates an effect to remove insects, mud and grime easier. For use on windscreen, side windows, sideview mirrors and headlights.

Direction to use:

First ensures surface is clean and dry

Wet soft cloth or tissue with RainaX
Apply with circular motion on the prepared surface
Allow to dry for 1 to 2 minutes
Wipe off haze formed


Avoid contact with eye
Avoid spilling on paintwork
Where to use:
Front and rear windscreen, side windows and wing mirrors, headlights and tail lights
Bottle size/ Barcode:
250ml - 955-542990-309-4


For max gloss effect For metallic and original paints

MAXZ EZ Wax Is an exclusive creamy liquid wax which designed for metallic, original, old and new paintwork. It cleans, shines and protects your paint finishes in just one easy application to remove water spot, stains, road tar, oxidation and light scratches and provide a long lasting protective coat for your vehicle needs.

Direction to use:
Wash and dry car thoroughly by using MAXZ Car Wash
Pour MAXZ EZ Wax onto a clean and dry soft cloth
Apply in circular motion on one section at a time
Let it dry then wipe off with clean soft cloth
Apply as needed for maximum shine and protection
Avoid contact with eye
Keep out of reach of children
Where to use:
All paint finishes and clear coats
Bottle size/ Barcode: 
200ml - 955-542990-306-3
400ml - 955-542990-307-0
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