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Water repell Anti static
Non-oil formula UV protection
Stable product without shake Convenience & no more messy hand

4 In 1 Spray On Tyre Shine are specially formulated to clean, shine and protect tyre, bumper, plastic, vinyl trim & rubber surfaces in one easy step. Its unique blend of polymer protect surface against Fading and Cracking. Its advance water repel function maintain the surface shine & last longer, even after heavy rain fall.

Direction to use:

Stable product without shake

Spray evenly onto surface
Re-apply if necessary to ensure complete coverage
Where to use:
Tyre, bumper, plastic, vinyl trim & rubber surfaces
Bottle size/ Barcode: 
500ml - 955-542990-121-2
To soften slide window rubber & wiper blades Clear vision & rain repel effect
To prolong rubber shelf life To lubricate & stop squeak door locks
Clean & Protect Leather & Dashboard, etc…    

FORMAHERO Rubber Softener & Power Window Lubricants An excellent special formulated product to be used as softener & lubricant for the rubber surface of manual or power car window, slow and stuck car window, reduce belt friction and wiper jerking.

Direction to use:

Lower down car window, spread window lotion evenly alongside the left and right into the inner rubber. Allow to flow downwards into the non-reachable area. Start the engine wind and unwind the window repeat for several times.

Squeeze window lotion onto the inner surface of the belt then start up engine to allow it to spread evenly.
Wipe window lotion on the wiper blade with a piece of clean cloth. Switch on the wiper and spray with water for better result leave it overnight.
Easy to use, not harmful to paints and upholstery wipe clean excessive flow.

Where to use:

Side power window rubber, wiper rubber, leather seat, car dashboard, maintain a clearer view through the windscreen, windscreen washer fluid container, car door hing.
Bottle size/ Barcode: 
140ml - 955-542990-117-5
Cleans, Shines & Protects Your Car Headlamp  

FORMAHERO Headlamp Polish & Restoration Eliminate The Hazing & Yellowish From Headlamps, Usually Only A Few Minutes Procedure. The finishing touch for maximum clarity and brilliance. Once easy application protects surfaces previously cleaned with our Headlamp Polish & Restoration. You will reveal the materials natural brilliance, while leaving behind a polymer coating that helps repel damaging dust and dirt.

Direction to use:
Pour a small amount of headlamp polish onto a soft cloth
Rub throughly onto surface until it begins to shine

Wipe off excess with clean, wet cloth to bring out a mirror like finish.

Bottle size/ Barcode: 
200g - 955-542990-119-9
Where to use:
Convertible Top Windows, Emergency Light Bars, Headlamp,
Motorcycle Helmet Shields And Other Vehicle Headlamp
or other plastic product.
Safely Cleans Sticky From Auto Grills, Wheel Covers, Bumpers, Chrome and etc. Unique rubbing compound agent formula is safe on clear coat finishes.
Contains no kerosene.    

FORMAHERO Bug & Tar Remover quickly removes unsightly tar and oil from vehicle bodywork, wheel & chrome without damaging paintwork. Specially design to remove tar spots and polishes to deep shines. Without damaging the car paint. It seals out detergents, salt, tree saps and acts restorer to fill up hairline scratches and forms a rust resistants and helps to bring back original colour.

Direction to use::
Apply sparingly with soft cloth
Wipe over soiled area until clean

Finish with a clean soft cloth

Where to use:
Vehicle bodywork, Wheel & chrome.  
Bottle size/ Barcode:
200g - 955-542990-120-5
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